The Court Reporting Academy (“TCRA”) in partnership with court reporting industry partners has established a scholarship and professional career development program for qualified individuals who wish to become professional digital court reporters. One of the major objectives for the program is to ensure that scholarship recipients are prepared to successfully pass the AAERT CER (Certified Electronic Reporter) certification exam.

The TCRA Scholarship Program also includes career placement services for individuals who have successfully completed the digital court reporting courses. Career placement is not guaranteed by TRCA; however, the court reporting industry has a growing need for qualified court reporters. Successful and motivated TCRA graduates will find there are significant opportunities for both full and part-time employment positions as well as independent contractor career opportunities.

The Digital Court Reporter (DCR) Scholarship Program Includes:

  • DCR 101 & DCR 102 courses
  • Practical and hands-on professional development and career guidance
  • No cost court reporter software during the course
  • Job placement services (for full-time and independent contractor opportunities)

Description of the Digital Court Reporting Courses:

Digital Court Reporter (DCR-101): A 4-to-6-week self-paced online course with extensive live coaching and instructor interaction. The course is designed to prepare You to be a professional digital court reporter and to successfully pass the AAERT certification exam. Several live course review and annotation sessions are held each week and scholarship students must attend at least one session per week. Successful completion of the DCR-101 course will provide You with the required knowledge of the legal system, terminology, recording equipment, reporter software and annotations, etiquette, ethics, digital court reporter best practices and other critical knowledge required to become a successful digital court reporter.

Digital Reporter Mentorship (DCR-102): An intense 3-to-4-week program that matches You up with experienced court reporters and court reporting agency sponsors as part of our unique mentoring program. The program includes shadowing experienced working court reporters in live proceedings, while also practicing Your skills in mock and actual recorded proceedings. You will receive direct feedback and coaching from TCRA mentors and instructors. To complete this course, You will need to successfully lead and complete a live mock deposition conducted with instructors and mentors.

Scholarship Selection Criteria:

Space is limited, and only qualified and motivated individuals will be considered. Individuals desiring both full and part-time employment opportunities may apply for available scholarships. Scholarship availability is based on the current market demand for court reporters and decision criteria may include a student’s state or regional location and employment objectives (i.e., full vs. part-time). TCRA in its sole determination may select a candidate for scholarship which we feel will be most successful in the DCR professional development program and best matches the reporter staffing requirements and reporter demand of our court reporting agency sponsors and clients.

Scholarship Candidate Qualifications and Requirements Include:

  • Skills: 40 to 60 WPM typing, excellent English grammar & punctuation proficiency, experience/proficiency with Window-based computers and Outlook applications. Candidates will be asked to take a skills entrance exam.
  • Successfully interview with TCRA instructors and TCRA Placement Services team.
  • Time commitment/availability: Candidates must be able to devote a minimum of 15 to 20 hours per week in order to successfully meet the DCR 101 &102 study and practice requirements.
  • Equipment: Students must have access to a PC (Windows 10 or greater) and (approved USB microphone, USB speaker and headphones or earbuds)
  • Career employment objectives: Candidates must be planning to seek full-time employment opportunities as a court reporter or a minimum of 20 working hours per week if part-time or as an independent contractor).
  • Notary – Candidates must be able to apply and qualify for a notary license in their state of domicile and have no criminal record or convictions.
  • Candidates must be US citizens or a green card holder and have a high school diploma or GED to qualify for a scholarship.
  • Candidates must agree to limited background checks, similar to those conducted by potential employers.

If you're interested, please Apply ASAP - we're eager to hear from you!